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About Precision Agricultural Services, Inc.

Precision Agricultural Services, Inc. is an auditing, training, and consulting company focused on agriculture and biotechnology. Established in 1996, we are focused on supporting stewardship efforts in the agricultural and biotechnology industry.

Our Company

Our company mission is to provide our clients with customized audit plans, consulting and training services to meet their needs, support their customer base and meet the requirements of regulatory and freedom to operate.

Supporting Technology

Our focus is on supporting the development of new technologies and protecting the value of current agricultural technologies.  We do this through our support and participation in industry supported efforts including Excellence Through Stewardship® and the Seed Innovation Protection Alliance (SIPA™). 

New Growth

Proper stewardship practices support the responsible development of new technologies in agriculture.  We engage with the biotechnology industry to provide global compliance auditing and consulting services from product discovery through product discontinuation.

Supporting Agriculture
Plenish photos May 2012 238.jpg

We are farmers too.  We understand the challenges and risks that farmers face at every step in the process of producing a crop.  We also understand the challenges in bringing a new technology to the market.  In order to feed the world, new technologies must emerge to produce more with less and to do it sustainably.

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