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Products & Services

The following are the most common services we provide.  If you are interested in one or more of these services, please give us a call or drop us a note and we will be in touch with you right away.  859-873-6138 or e-mail
Licensee Audits

Do you need certainty that licensees or cooperators are following requirements?  We can help, our experience includes:

  • License Compliance and Stewardship to confirm Licensee's compliance with license agreement provisions including production and distribution contracts, seed bag labeling and  trademark use.

  • Trait and Germplasm Royalty Evaluation to determine the accuracy of the sales reporting.  PAS provides details for account adjustments where applicable.

  • Quality Assurance Evaluation to address Licensee's processes and procedures for testing, field inspections and seed sample retention.

Insect Resistance Management Assessments

For our clients we provide IRM Assessments in order to collect the necessary information required to identify refuge planting compliance levels in the United States.  These assessments are a component of the EPA-mandated compliance assurance monitoring program. 

Dealer/Retailer Audits

Dealer/Retail audits verify accuracy of reported grower point of sale data.  Auditors will review the proper application of commercial stewardship requirements such as grower licensing, and insect resistance management education among others.

Quality Management Systems and Stewardship Audits

Globally, we assist companies implement their Quality Management Systems in order to support conformance with company goals, industry standards, and compliance with Regulatory requirements. 

  • QMS Implementation

  • QMS Monitoring

  • Gap Analysis

PAS has a team of auditors on staff currently certified to perform Excellence Through Stewardship Audits.  We have performed these audits in the US and Globally since the program's introduction.  Our auditors possess the understanding of various Quality Management System programs including ISO9001 and HACCP as well as an appreciation and understanding of seed technology.  This combination provides for an efficient and effective audit.

Identity Preserved and Grain Channeling Services

We provide support for Regulated and Channeled production for both seed and grain by providing the following services:

  • Site Selection and Field Mapping 

  • Material Movement Tracking

  • Planter/Combine and Equipment Cleanout 

  • Field and Isolation Inspections

  • Bin Evaluations and Inspections

  • Volunteer Monitoring

  • Grower Support and Compliance Education

  • Real-time database support for field activities

Field Trial Services

PAS provides our clients with field trial services to support their early research activities as well as evaluate their commercial products.  Our services include:

  • Marketing and sales support trials.

  • Our modern field demonstration center provides our clients with a comfortable facility to bring customers and stakeholders.  These facilities include modern bathrooms, workstations, and a conference room with AV equipment for presentations.  Facility options are also available for early generation material needs such as secured and segregated storage as well as climate controlled areas.

  • Staff with experience with regulated field trails.  

  • Our facility is well located to meet early generation isolation requirements.

Other Services

PAS has experience with a wide range of services for the Agricultural and Biotechnology industry.  These are some of the other services we provide the industry:

  • Physical inventory counts

  • Regulated Trial Inspections

  • Auditor Training (US and International)

  • Audit and Inspection Program Development (US and International)

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